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🦊 I have super exciting news to share with you all πŸ¦„

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Just keep going

Sometimes when its hard to know if you are making progress its good to compare progress photos…

This is 4 weeks difference!

Today was one of the first days I was really struggling for energy. I al sure I did cardio with my eyes closed haha! I actually don’t think thats because of prep or keto I believe its because I haven’t been sleeping too well due to having a bad cough, hopefully it will clear up soon!

Nearly the weekend and I am excited for check in with coach πŸ™‚

Had a great sports massage today they are my fave!

Yesterdays update

Yesterday’s update:
Unfortunatly I have had a cough for over a week now and although I feel fine during the day , I am struggling to sleep at night due to coughing.
But today marks 6.5 weeks out!
Keto is still going well, I do not feel as hungry however I do feel weaker in the gym and feel as though it is taking me longer to recover.
Mindset is still positive! I am looking forward to the show!

46 days out

Still managing to get an ok ish pump on keto πŸ˜…

I have done five days on keto now, when I told my friend she asked me what I had done to deserve being sent to food hell 🀣 but do you know what I see it as a challenge and am enjoying having lots of yummy fat in my diet! –

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47 days out ish

Had such a great bank holiday weekend! I hope you all have too!

First gym session of the day went down at Anytime Fitness Colchester East this morning and I won’t lie when we got back home I felt exhausted (I never will understand how being a passenger in a car makes you tired 🀣) but I am too motivated and determined to skip the gym so I went back to my home gym this evening

On the way there I spotted this canal boat…. so I sent it to my tarot card reader (my bestie) and asked her if it was a sign….. and we were both left speechless! For some reason after seeing it I was filled with energy and had the best session in the gym! Apparently the Ace of wands signifies a renewed energy for health and fitness!

Best thing ever happened in the gym too….. @personal_science squeezed me in for a much needed sports massage and I got to catch up with my fave @stingingfly 😘 Thanks for working your magic on me πŸ₯° love you millions

Do you believe in signals and signs too I would be interested to know!

Its been day four of keto and I am still enjoying it! I am super proud of myself for digging deep today and making it back to the gym for round two and it was totally worth it!

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48 days to go

So today we went to visit my family in Essex

I was happy that I took all my food with me, I can’t lie the easter eggs and hot cross buns did look amazing but I am less than 7 weeks out now and I wouldn’t dare cheat on my diet! Especially being on keto you cannot afford to make mistakes.

I am sad Costa don’t have sugar free gingerbread any more

I went on the massage chair which was amazing

It has been nice to be surrounded by people which doesn’t revolve around competing! Brings you back to reality!

We are heading home tomorrow and going to stop at a gym along the way πŸ™‚

49 days out – 7 weeks to go bikini prep diary

Sorry yesterday was a busy one! i got up early and did my training

and check in

and then we travelled down to Essex to see family! I even walked a cat!

I took all my meals with me and it was keto day 2!

I felt hungrier than yesterday and a bit dizzy so i am adding more salt to my food! And the thirst is unbelievable!

7 weeks to go and I am feeling confident i will reach my dream of stepping on an international stage!

Bikini Prep Diary – 50ish days out

Last prep I tried to post on my blog about my days every now and then so I thought I would end the day with an update!

I am 7 weeks out from Alicante Amateur Olympia and around 13 weeks till Portugal Amateur Olympia

I felt like I managed off season really well and I made some “gains” but stayed relatively lean. I stupidly assumed this would make prep easier but my body seems to be a bit too comfortable where it is at now! I started prep at the end of January and weight has barely changed so we took the decision to try a keto style diet for a short period of time to give my body a boot up the bum!

So here I am around 50 days out and have succesfully completed day 1 of keto! I am loving all the fats and have felt full all day! Check in tomorrow πŸ™‚

First time prep v second time prep

First time prep v second time prep……..

So the first thing that’s different is for most people the first time you are in prep your body is the best it has ever been so whether you are 30,20,16,12 weeks out you just constantly improve and improve and love seeing the changes to your body because at any given point you look the best you EVER have!

Compared to second time round… you know what to expect. You know as the weeks pass by you will get leaner and leaner, compared to stage you may feel like you are not in your best shape and think twice about posting photos thinking if I wait a few more weeks I will look leaner….. but then you realise hell to it… I may not be my leanest but I have defo improved since last prep and that is what I wanted! I like sharing my whole journey with you so here is today’s posing practice πŸ™‚

And it kinda sucks when you do your whole workout and then come to realise your leggings are see through #dammit

Don’t be fooled… of course I am wearing odd socks πŸ™‚

Feeling happy and content right now and thats all I can ever hope to be πŸ™‚

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