Super quick tofu scramble

🦊 Super quick and easy tofu scramble 🦊

Makes 2 portions 😘

1️⃣ Whisk a box of @clearspringuk silken tofu with a fork

2️⃣ Add all the herbs, I used paprika, turmeric (makes it nice and yellow), dill, basil, cayenne pepper, salt and pepper

3️⃣ Melt a teaspoon of @coconutmerchant coconut oil in a pan

4️⃣Fry for 10 mins over medium heat

5️⃣You could also add in mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers and spinach to make it extra yummy

6️⃣ Optional – add half a scoop of @plantaforce pea protein for added protein! (link in bio)

7️⃣ Serve with avocado or wholemeal bread for a perfect brunch

Let me know if you try, I love it when you make my recipes (and your presentation skills are always better than mine 🤣)

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