Bikini Prep Diary – 50ish days out

Last prep I tried to post on my blog about my days every now and then so I thought I would end the day with an update!

I am 7 weeks out from Alicante Amateur Olympia and around 13 weeks till Portugal Amateur Olympia

I felt like I managed off season really well and I made some “gains” but stayed relatively lean. I stupidly assumed this would make prep easier but my body seems to be a bit too comfortable where it is at now! I started prep at the end of January and weight has barely changed so we took the decision to try a keto style diet for a short period of time to give my body a boot up the bum!

So here I am around 50 days out and have succesfully completed day 1 of keto! I am loving all the fats and have felt full all day! Check in tomorrow 🙂

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