Raw Sport coffee energy pre workout review and discount code

🦊 Raw Sport coffee pre workout review 🦊

#foxy20 for discount https://rawsport.grsm.io/CharlotteSims

You might think I am biased when it comes to @rawsportofficial but if you know me you know that I am an honest little 🦊

I never use pre workouts normally I just stick to a black coffee to get me going and listen to some motivational tunes:

1️⃣ Because they don’t work on me they leave me feeling sleepy or hungover

2️⃣ My stomach can’t handle artificial sweetners very well so I end up bloated and in pain 🙁

HOWEVER I got sent a sample of the @rawsportofficial coffee pre workout to try and here are my thoughts



1️⃣ TASTE – if you have tried the coffee protein it tastes the same (which I love) and I made mine into an iced frappucino – move over Starbucks

2️⃣ ENERGY – If you are looking for a pre workout thats going to make your face tingle and give you the jitters then this isn’t for you but if you want a little caffeine kick a bit stronger than coffee – this is the one! It left me feeling really happy and energetic and I couldn’t wait to start my workout. I got PB’s on every exercise and wasn’t left with any nasty come down

3️⃣INGREDIENTS – all natural so no bloating and ingredients that actively work to fuel your body and help you!

Don’t take my word for it, try a sample size yourself! If you love the flavour defo try the coffee protein too!

Use code #foxy20 and the link in my bio for discount https://rawsport.grsm.io/CharlotteSims

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