Elastic band trick PMA

🦊 Transformation Tuesday 🦊

Body “building “ versus Body “cutting”.

Shock horror I actually wore the same outfit twice 🙈🤣😳 –

If you really respect the art of Bodybuilding you know that off season is all part of the journey and it’s necessary to grow in order to improve!

We often talk about crazy prep days, one minute you feel too small ( omg i have no muscle), next minute we feel like a whale (omg look at my knee fat). It can be the same with off season , one minute I feel I haven’t gained as much muscle as I should have yet and still feel small, on other days I feel like I have put on fifty stone 😮

We like to blame “competing” for these mad thoughts but I look back at my life before the gym and I was the same then! Wake up one day and feel a million bucks, wake up next day and feel like five hundred stone Foxy! Yes competing makes you think about your body image a lot more but we all had these thoughts beforehand!

After a pretty lame day yesterday as my hospital appointment didn’t go amazingly (if anyone has any tips on natural oestrogen, DM me 👍🏽im busy researching haha) I am now challenging myself to have no negative comments all day! Has anyone else tried the elastic band trick, ping it every time you are mean haha

Be kind always 💝 This includes being kind to yourself ❣️

Foxy 🦊

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