Don’t let negative thoughts control you

Nowadays it’s fashionable to retweet and post quotes from famous people without following through on their meaning! I love it when people take inspo from others and use it as motivation!

Whats your fave quote or motto to help you reach your goals for the New Year!

Mine is do not give up…. you have not reached your full potential just yet! And enjoy every step of the journey!

We talk to ourselves more than anyone else in the world! And i have just read that 80 percent of the things we say to ourselves are negative! We really need to be kinder to ourselves, be your own biggest cheer leader, no matter what your dreams and goals I am here to remind you they totally are achievable!

Use Sunday to get prepared for the new week! Ok last week we may have been finishing up the last of the Xmas goodies and still feeling sluggish but tomorrow is yet again another chance to smash a new week! Stay focused and stay happy 🙂 Foxy x

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