It’s your time

2019 – It’s your time!

Set your goals and don’t let anyone stand in your way!

I am always excited for a new day, new week, new month, new year! I genuinely think this is why I always wake up at the crack of dawn, out of pure excitement! –

I’m not guna lie though, I’m scared of 2019 :0 I mean in all honesty, how is it going to top 2018! I finally got to go to Singapore my fave place EVER! I competed in my first bikini competition and won two medals! And to top it off I got engaged! I mean talk about best year ever!

I have made some goals for 2019 including buying our first house and adopting a pomeranian/herd of alpacas! Competing is certainly on the cards again and so is making tons more memories with the people I love! –

Thankyou to everyone in my crazy little bubble I call life. I wish you all the happiest and bestestestestest 2019! May all your dreams come true x

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