Saving Simon

🐴 First book of 2019 read 🐴 This book had me in tears from the first chapter, I am vegan and my heart just warms to animals but I found this book super interesting, I see myself as a compassionate person but maybe I don’t show as much compassion to humans as I do animals!

As we treat one creature, we should treat all creatures. –

I have been vegetarian since I was a child but I only turned vegan after trying Veganuary 2015. Even then i was a transitioning vegan and still made slip ups. A few months after turning vegan I met Daisy, a rescue American bull dog and I have never felt a deeper connection with an animal before. Just like Simon the donkey in the book helped heal his owner, Daisy healed me, she touched something deep inside of me and solidified the idea of being vegan for me! How could I love her so much and want her to live a happy life but then see another animal go through pain?

A few weeks after Daisy was adopted, I took another dog out for a walk and he visciously attacked me going straight for the kill. He changed my life forever but deep in my heart I still felt compassion for him and I always will!

I didn’t think I would ever be able to use my left hand again but now I have a beautiful ring to wear on it! That day changed my life but there is never any point dwelling on things that don’t go your way, positives can come from every situation 💖

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