Top Food in season for Christmas Time

Top Food in season for Christmas Time

Eating food that is in season provides you with the best nutrients and it is even better when they can be grown locally! Find out the benefits of these foods and some yummy recipes below!

Brussel Sprouts

You either love them or hate them but Christmas dinner isn’t the same without them! I personally love to cover mine with Marmite!

 Low in calories
 High in fibre
 Brussel sprouts are one of the best plant sources of Omega 3
 Helps fight arthritis
 High in vitamin C

*Can cause flatulence 

Sichuan Style fried greens Tempeh


 Good source of Vitamin C
 Helps with cystitis and urinary tract infections
 Protects eyesight and can help prevent cancer

*Cranberries are not advised if you take Warfarin and be warned cranberry juice normally contains high levels of sugar!

Friendly Foods in Wolverhampton have some cranberry jelly for sale. Check this out …

Naturally Sweetned Cranberry Sauce


In my opinion, you cannot beat a roast parsnip!

 Very cheap
 Help produce sex hormones
 Good for muscle growth
 Beneficial for heart health


Raw Parsnip Rice


I have only recently tried chestnuts but OMG they are delicious!

 Source of folate, fibre and thiamine
 Low in fat compared to other nuts
 Can be used in sweet or savoury recipes
 Good source of carbohydrates
All of these chestnuts are available to buy in Friendly Foods – don’t forget to use your BCV discount card!

Chestnut Pie

Whilst we are talking about Christmas, why not try my Mincepie Chocolate Brownies

Have you decided what you will be having for Christmas dinner yet? I would love to know! Friendly Foods have some great nut roast options! For me personally, I just can’t wait for the mince pies!

Did you know that everytime you use your BCV loyalty card at Friendly Foods, they donate 5 percent of your sale to a local animal charity! How lush is that 💓

If you are stuck for Christmas dinner ideas, Friendly foods have lots.

  • loose shell on walnuts.
  • 6 types of nut roast
  • 4 types of seitan christmas roast
  • Cranberry fairy jelly with silver leaf
  • Gluten free organic Christmas pudding
  • Vegan custard, cream (squirty and whipping)
  • Vegan jelly for trifle
  • Vegan marscapone for tiramisu
  • artisan cheese board nut based cheese eg tyne cheese and mouses


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