The most valuable thing in life is time

🦊 Motivation Monday 🦊


β€œLife happens when you are busy making other plans”


Goals and plans are great, once you achieve something you feel so empowered you want to take over the world!


Then you might get addicted to goals and plans! I literally plan out my day every day! This is great it keeps me organised! But then sometimes, especially around this time of year I don’t manage to tick off my whole to do list, this leaves me feeling stressed and disappointed but then I look back and half of my β€œto do list” is just unnecessary!


Doing more and having more goals won’t always make you happier, as long as you have some good goals in your life, take the pressure off yourself and live in the moment! The most valuable thing in life is time! So use it wisely!


Every moment has infinite potential. Every new moment contains for you possibilities! When you try to stick to rigid goals and plans you don’t leave room for anything else amazing to happen πŸ’“

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