Pronuts Cherry Bakewell and Gingerbread Review

My friend Stef found Pronuts on Instagram last week and I knew instantly I had to order!

Not only are they vegan but they are made with natural ingredients, no nasties, no sugar and no e numbers 😍 Great if you are gluten free or following a Low Fodmap diet! Hurray 😘

At the moment they have cherry bakewell, banana brazi and coconut macaroon aswell as their Christmas gingerbread flavour!

But get this guys….. you can create your own flavours too! I have already placed an order of two of my own creations and I have plenty more ideas too 😍


Both flavours are out of this world incredible! My friend Nic asked me which I prefer from the cherry bakewell and the gingerbread but I just cannot choose!

They are very sweet so if you do not have a sweet tooth, these flavours may not be for you (but you can create your own!)

You can definitly taste the cherry in the cherry bakewell flavour and the gingerbread is just divine but I love that the flavours are not too overpowering!


Mostly smooth and with a creamy topping


Current flavours are £6.50 or £7 for create your own! If you order before Christmas they are Buy one get one free! They are 300g tubs!

Where to Buy

Follow Pronuts on Instagram and send a DM or email

They are also stocked at supplementstoo and dnaoutlet


I won’t lie with Pronuts being a new company, I wasn’t expecting them to be as perfect as they are. I was actually just hoping they would be edible but OMG it was love at first taste! Being vegan we often miss out on fun flavoured things and I just love that you are able to create any flavour! I adore that they are all natural and I love to support small businesses!

The customer service was amazing, Pronuts helped me choose flavours and let me know when my product had been dispatched! The delivery was super duper speedy!

I would whole heartedly recommend, you will not be disappointed!


Cherry Bakewell 5/5

Gingerbread 5/5

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