Top tips for staying on track over Christmas

Top Tips for staying on track over Christmas

Studies show that the average Brit puts on 7lbs over the Christmas period! This isn’t surprising when the average person consumes around 5000 calories on Christmas day. This blog isn’t to tell you not to have a great time over the holiday period, it just outlines my top tips to help you to enjoy yourself without overindulging.

1. Drink plenty of water


Christmas means we may eat different kinds of food than we are used to. Processed food contains higher levels of sodium, causing us to hold water and to feel bloated. For this reason, it is important to stay hydrated. It will also help reduce that dreaded hangover feeling!

2. Start thinking about your New Year’s Resolutions

January 1st is only a few weeks away and we will all start making our New Year’s Resolutions. Why not think about them early and get a head start? If your goals will be to get healthy and fit, there is no better time to start, and easing into it gently now will only make it easier in January!

3. Enjoy the treats without going over the top

There are always amazing food choices over Christmas. You don’t have to restrict yourself but just choose the foods that you really want to try. You can eat anything you like just not everything you like! Just because it’s Christmas, you do not need to eat the whole box of chocolates in one go.

4. Go for Wintery Walks

Grab the family and head out for a lovely winter walk. This will get your heart rate going and burn some extra calories!

5. Don’t drink your calories

It’s surprising to discover that the festive lattes in all the coffee shops at the moment pack around 500 calories per drink! Ask the barista to swap your syrup for sugar-free versions.

6. Check your gym’s opening times

A lot of gyms have revised opening times over Christmas, so be sure to check when you can fit your workouts in! It is also fun to join in with Santa dashes and Christmas Park Runs.

7. Healthy bakes

I love making healthy versions of Christmas treats. For example:

– Raw Vegan Christmas pudding balls

Mince pie oats

– Vegan Wagon wheel

8. Keep your protein intake high

Ensuring you are eating enough protein will mean you will feel fuller for longer and not be needing to reach for the biscuit tin.

9. Simple swaps

Be mindful of what you are eating and make swaps like vodka and slimline tonic instead of vodka and lemonade, sugar-free squash, sugar-free coffee drinks, cook your roast potatoes in frylight rather than a bucket of oil. Load your plate up high with all the veggies and limit the stuffing and yorkies!

10. Have fun

And most of all, remember to have fun! Christmas is about friends and family, not just food and drink. Spend time with loved ones and try to relax. A few nights out and nice meals will not affect your progress as long as you are mindful the rest of the time.

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