You are beautiful

🦊Throwback Thursday 🦊

But wait, it’s not Thursday 🤷🏽‍♀️

And, it’s not a throwback either 🤣

I find my Instagram is a constant #throwbackthursday at the moment with girls posting their competition photos and #throwbacks to when they were “lean”

Don’t get me wrong there is NOTHING wrong with this, I 💖 these photos 🥰

But what makes me sad, is I log on to Instagram and I see all these current photos of girls looking absolutely incredible but then they are captioned with how the girl feels “too big” or how they have put on weight and feel uncomfortable ☹️

I fully understand this because I have put weight on post show and I get that its normal to feel this way (again theres nothing wrong with sharing how you feel and reaching out)but it saddens me to see how post show effects some girls mental health 😦

You all looked beautifully stunning on stage but guess what you still look equally as gorgeous now!

Bodybuilding can play on your mind because you are constantly analysing your physique but I want you all to know how gorgeous you are and your “off season” photos inspire me just as much as your “stage lean” photos too!

Do not lock yourself away, put on a smile and rock your body ✌🏼

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