Zoe Bee Avocado and Aloe Anti Aging Review

With the lead up to Christmas, i have been told a number of times that I am really easy to buy presents for! Either I drop a lot of hints or I just like what I like and let everyone know about it haha.

My best friend Lauren always gifts me the most beautiful and perfect presents and for my 30th she gave me some Zoe Bee Avocado and Aloe Anti-aging cream!

At first I thought she was being cheeky with the “anti-aging” cream, is this it now, I hit 30 and need to start worrying about wrinkles haha! But then Lauren enlightened me that she had heard amazing reviews about this product and that I needed to try it!

6 months later, not only have I fallen in love with Zoe Bee but I gifted some back to Lauren and she adores it too!

I have suffered with bad skin since the age of around 10. It has only been since turning to a vegan diet that my skin has gotten under control, however I still do suffer with acne and this makes me really fussy about what I use on my skin! But after reading all the reviews, i had to give it a go!

Zoe Bee Avocado and Aloe cream helps produce elastin for plump skin. It is great at regulating oil production and it soothes and prevents acne. As soon as I have a bad spot I put some on and it makes it better overnight! I can honestly say the lines around my eyes are less noticable and I don’t suffer with puffy eyes as much anymore!

I personally only use the cream once a day at night as an intensive overnight treatment, as I feel it would be a bit too oily for me to wear during the day!

This means that 6 months on I am only half way down the jar! Not bad for £28.99 for 130ml!!!

I massage it into my skin for 2-3 minutes! The cream is packed full of nutrient rich oils and I find them super hydrating and nourishing!

Zoe Bee is vegan friendly and comes in cute glass jars so are environmentally friendly too! They contain no artifiial fragrance or colours, no nasties like phthalates or parabens and are palm oil and alcohol free too!

You can even buy sample sizes so you can try the magic!

I love Zoe Bee and I even go out without any makeup on sometimes now! Incredible! 5/5 from me!


Avocado and Aloe Cream Anti Aging | Etsy


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