Oumph Pizza Review

Now that I am into improvement season my diet has become a little more relaxed and I was finally able to try the Oumph! Italian Style Pizza!
The other half has been having it a while now, and he loves it so much he even bought two this weekend! Which was a perfect excuse for me to try some!
I have to note as well, that he is not vegan but he repeatedly chooses this pizza over any others in the whole supermarket and says it is the best pizza ever!
I would have to totally agree with him! It is a stone baked pizza topped with tomato sauce, strips of soya protein, semi dried tomatoes and breadcrumbs! I have seen that some people are disappointed with the lack of vegan cheese but honestly believe me when I say the toppings are a taste sensation, it really doesn’t need it! And you could always add yourself!
For my fitness lovers – the macros are pretty decent too, for a quarter of the pizza it is 181 calories, 5.9g of fat, 24g carbs and 6.6g of protein.
Where to buy: Tesco
Price: £3.99
Recommend: I would give this pizza 5/5 and would totally recommend. I think it is worth the price as it is as good or even better than the pizzas I have had in restaurants.

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