Attitude is everything

🦊 Attitude is everything 🦊

Finally returned to the gym (only for stretching and the lightest shoulder session known to man kind) but boy did I miss it! I have been off since Monday with a really bad back (like really really really bad)! Luckily @pssportstherapy and @the_stinging_fly fixed me up!

I can tell my ATTITUDE really has changed since I was younger! Before if I had to take time off the gym, it would have been the end of the world, I woulda been sulking and miserable! I used to be an all or nothing person and if I had to take time off the gym, my diet would have gone out the window too! But I have the best coach @michellebrannan and best team mates, so I stuck to my diet and have stayed Little Miss Positive 🦄 and here I am all happy to be back in the gym in my new leggings from @junglebrook –

Ever since meeting @karinabikini_ifbbpro and @victoriacale_ifbbpro for posing lessons, I have stretched every single day! But I clearly haven’t been doing it enough! So it’s my mission to stretch even more!!!

If you swipe right, you can try this cool exercise. Write the alphabet A-Z and then the numbers 1-26. You will see KNOWLEDGE is worth 96 percent, knowledge is great but if you don’t use it, its worthless! HARDWORK is worth 98% because we all know hardwork can outwork talent! And best of all ATTITUDE equals 100% because being positive and believing in yourself is Everything 🦊🦊🦊🦊

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