Innocent Almond Milk

Some of you follow me for fitness, others because I am vegan. I don’t post an awful lot about why I am Vegan… There’s many reasons but it’s mostly for the animals and for my health!

I don’t expect everyone to want to live a vegan lifestyle but there are easy things you can swap to benefit your health and to not contribute to animal cruelty! For instance there is every single kind of nut milk in the world available now from coconut to almond to cashew and hazlenut! (i will let you into a secret, they actually taste creamier than cow’s milk! Yum Yum Yum)

Some people have said to me they wouldn’t be willing to buy a nut milk because some have additives like sunflower oil or gums! Well my response to that is that I would rather be drinking a tiny bit of sunflower oil rather than pus, blood and antibiotics! OR you can buy milks now which are literally just almonds and water like this @innocent almond milk! Perfect 🙂 Or go one step further and make your own!

You might be thinking this post isn’t relevant to you but just scroll across to learn a bit more about why dairy is scary and the maybe just maybe go out of your comfort zone and order a coconut latte or oat milk frappucino! What’s the worst that can happen?! –

My skin has improved massively since turning vegan and my face doesn’t look as puffy #wahoo

Comment below your fave milk alternative to inspire others! I know @harrykirill loves chocolate flavoured almond milk and vanilla soy! –

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