5 Ways to stay motivated through Winter

5 ways to stay motivated through Winter.

Is it just me, or is it getting harder to get to the gym now it’s Winter?

Cold and wet mornings when I would rather stay in bed, and finishing work when it is already dark, makes me want to go home to a big bowl of comfort food!

Here are my top five tips to give you a boost of motivation to stay active throughout the winter months! Because guys, remember: Summer bodies are made in the Winter!

1 – Music:

Everybody has that one tune that gets them in the mood to work out. Whether it’s heavy metal, cheesy pop or some hardcore drum and bass, get those tracks on loud and you will soon be bouncing your way to the gym!

2 – New gym gear:

Nothing motivates me more than some new gym gear. If I feel trendy in my new clothes, I can’t wait to get to the gym to train. It will soon be Black Friday, so keep your eyes peeled for super cheap deals on your fave gym brands!

3 – Ask a friend:

If you arrange to train or do a class with a friend, you will have the added motivation of socialising with your friend whilst keeping fit. Also, you’re more likely to go as you’ll not want to let them down ☺

4 – Be prepared:

If I need to train early in the morning, I lay my clothes out ready the night before, set my alarm and get dressed before I have a chance to think about it. For training after work, I pack my gym bag ready and get changed at work so I’m less likely to drive straight past the gym! Preparation leads to results: stay focused on your goals!

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