Single Serve Double Chocolate Protein Cookie

šŸ¦Š Single Serve Double Chocolate Cookie šŸ¦Š

I told you weekend breakfasts are the best! I have more calories and time to play with so I like to experiment šŸ™‚

Mix together: 1 scoop of chocolate @rawsportofficial , 20g buckwheat flour, 30g of mashed banana, 60ml of water and 1/4 teasp of baking powder, add in 15g of @greenandblacks dark chocolate and bake on 180 degrees for 15 minutes šŸ¦„

308 calories, 10.8g fat, 26.8g carbs and 29.5g protein šŸ™‚ setting me up for a good gym workout šŸ™‚

Use code #foxy20for discount on Raw Sport – direct link in bio or message me for help


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