Post Show Tips

🦊 Post Show and Off Season 🦊

It is now nearly 3 months since I competed, I am sitting around 5lbs above peak week and people have asked me to share how I am getting onpost show! I have only done 1 show so don’t feel like I am the most qualified to give you all advice but I can give you my top tips as I know a lot of competitors do struggle

1️⃣ FOOD. Ultimately it is important to reverse diet out of your show. You have spent so long in a calorie deficit and working hard why would you want to ruin it by going on a free for all for a month and gaining all the weight back? I would say pick a few treats you really want for after your competition and work them into your macros but don’t hoard sweets and snacks for months because you will probably end up eating them all! For me it was a case of avoiding highly palatable foods straight after comp like sweets and cakes because I knew once I had tasted some I would want to eat them all! Personally, I had a day off from macro tracking and weighing food and chose my treats wisely. I increased calories slowly and stuck to similar foods I was eating during prep! Remember those cakes have been there the whole time you were on prep and they will be there a while longer! –

2️⃣ TRAINING. I know some people like to take a week off and other people have so much motivation they want to get straight back in the gym! What worked for me was getting straight back into routine but easing off of cardio and taking the first week slightly easier than normal! Don’t be fooled that you will have super mega strength as soon as you hit off season, it took me a week or two to start feeling more energetic and to lift heavy again 🙂 but personally I would get back into a routine asap

3️⃣ NEW GOALS. These don’t need to be fitness related. It’s common to experience post comp blues because you have worked so hard towards something and then its like “what now?!”. For me I have an exam coming up so I threw my attention into that but its always good to plan a new focus after comp!

4️⃣ COACH. Some people only stick with their coach during prep but I would honestly stay with your same coach for at least a while after show they know your body…and can keep you accountable

5️⃣ BALANCE. Post show everyone seems to be chasing “balance”. Let me tell you one thing, straight after comp your body will be as far away from homeostasis ever. Your hormones may well be all over the place! You will feel the most hungry EVER, even hungrier than on prep! Now is not the time to suddenly be going out for food four nights a week as a reward! I am

not saying don’t treat yourself but if you reverse diet properly, there is no need to pack on tons of unnecessary body fat quickly!

6️⃣ BE KIND TO YOURSELF and be proud of all you have achieved! You are amazing and you can only do your best!

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