Raw Sport Mocha Review

🦊 Energy Protein 🦊

Trying something new from @rawsportofficial this morning before my leg workout πŸ’ͺ🏽

The Mocha energy shake tastes AMAZING! Better than any mocha frappucino I have ever had before!

This isn’t just mocha flavoured protein! The protein is actually infused with African Arriba coffee powder so you get a real energy kick! This is great if you want some energy before the gym without the negative effects from a pre workout drink! I am buzzing to go train legs now!

It is sugar free and has less than 130 cals per shake and is filled with all the amazing ingredients that @rawsportofficial normally use! Not only that but they use Konjac fibre which helps make the shakes super smooth and can help with weightloss as it expands in your stomach and keeps you nice and full!

The Mocha defo gets a thumbs up from me! Lets go beast the gym and get some PB’s!

Use code #foxy20 – link in bio for discount or message me for help


Let me know if you try! So proud to he a @rawsportofficial when they release such fantastic products like this!

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