Review: CHOC Chick quinoa pops and plantain bites

I was already a massively huge fan of Choc Chick and I use their Mandarin flavoured cacao powder pretty much every single day

So when I found out they were launching 2 new products and updating their packaging I was beyond excited!

Let me introduce you to….

Quinoa Pops and Plantain bites

They are crispy pops of wholegrain quinoa and chewy plantain bites covered in raw chocolate 🙂

Ever missed Maltesers as a vegan? Consider the quinoa pops as your new healthy vegan friendly chocolatly treat!

I tried the quinoa pops first and I especially loved them as a topping for my oats because the chocolate would melt and leave me little pieces of crunchy goodness in my breakfast bowl!

But then I tried the plantain bites and my gosh I have to say I am team #chocbiter ! They taste like chewy chocolatly caramel bites and are perfect to top my protein icecream!

I cannot wait to try the recipes on the site too!

All products are certified by The Vegan Society and Choc chick are proud to put the label on the front of their packaging!

You can buy the products direct online or in Holland and Barrett, Whole Foods, Asda and John Lewis!

Once you try, you will have to let me know if you are team #chocpopper or #chocbiter !

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