Do I miss my abs?

🦊 Somebody asked me if I miss my abs now I am in “off season “ 🦊

Truth be have it, even when I was at my leanest I didn’t really have abs 🙊

Of course I miss being lean and a tiny human but I also love the gains I am making too

I was lucky to still have tons of energy during prep ans I still felt amazing, but right now I fee super duper full of beans and energy and I am using it to full advantage to build me some muscle

The human body fascinates me and thats why I love body building because you can work on sculpting your body!

Progress takes time, people are so impatient nowadays. For me I am enjoying the journey and am happy however I look but yes maybe one day I will have abs to miss haha-

Trust in what you love to do and continue to do it and it will take you exactly where you need to go ♥️

Don’t overstress things, enjoy the moment and do your thing, plant the seed, water the crop and watch your dreams grow 🦊

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