Overnight oats cookie

🦊 Overnight oats breakfast cookie -Blend 40g of oats, half a banana, 5g of @gochocchick cacao powder and a tablespoon of @rawsportofficial chocolate protein powder. Make into a cookie shape and leave in the fridge overnight 🌟

Then add your fave toppings like blueberries and @nutrisslim cookie peanut butter 😍

Orrrr if like me you make it and don’t like 🀣 it you can add water and heat up like normal oats and they become fudgy oats wahooooo

Use code #FOXY20 for discount


*I have been a loyal customer with raw sport for over a year, I used it throughout my prep and I will use during offseason too! I am an ambassador for this company because I truly believe in their products and I have seen amazing results! I am lucky to now be a sponsored athlete. Please feel free to ask me any questions about the products πŸ™‚ *

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