Chickpea Muffins and Raw sport toffee fudge protein

🦊 Weekend breakfasts are the bomb

I am so glad I found @rawsportofficial vegan protein shakes! I never get bored of drinking them!

I used to HATE vegan protein powder, other brands I have tried were really grainy and all you could taste would be pea protein! A lot of other brands use soy protein too which used to bloat me!

I used to be sad that vegan protein was so behind with flavours too! All my friends had exciting sounding shakes and vegans used to have to stick to chocolate or vanilla!

Then I found @revfoods @rawsportofficial and not only is it super smooth and super yummy, theres a flavour to suit everyone! Today I have gone for TOFFEE FUDGE!

Not to mention all the extra added super foods! It helps me recover and digests so easily!

They sell samples too so you can try before you commit to a full bag!

I used @rawsportofficial all through prep and will use through my off season! You can use my discount code #Foxy20 a there is a direct link on my linktree in my bio or message me for details!

One thought on “Chickpea Muffins and Raw sport toffee fudge protein

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