The Truth about BCAA

What are BCAA?

Branched chain amino acids are made up of Leucine, isoleucine and valine. Our body uses these 3 amino’s to repair muscles.

Whilst we can get BCAA from our food, many athletes choose to supplement with BCAA powder or capsules. Supplements get into our blood supply quicker and BCAA have a heap of benefits. They can:

• Reduce muscle breakdown

• Increase strength and endurance

• Reduce DOM’s (muscle soreness)

• Increase exercise output which in turn can help fat loss

• Reduce fatigue

I constantly get asked if BCAA really make a difference. There are tons of articles online and BCAA’s still remain a controversial topic.

However for me personally, I drink BCAA during my workout and without them I feel as though I rapidly lose energy and that I cannot perform my best. Since using BCAA I have noticed a reduction in muscle soreness and at the end of the day… they taste amazing too!

One time I would never ever ever workout without BCAA is when I do fasted cardio. I believe the BCAA stop me from burning through my muscle. As a competitor, I do not want to lose muscle but also the more muscle that you have, the faster your metabolism will be, so the easier it is to lose weight!

Where do your BCAA come from?

A lot of people are shocked to hear that the majority of BCAA’s derive from duck feathers, pig hair or even human hair! If your supplements are made in China, there is a big chance they will be made from pig fur as this is the cheapest way to produce BCAA’s.

As a vegan, it is important for me not to use any products which contain animal products and this is why I love Raw Sport “Maintain”.

Raw Sport’s BCAA is made from sunflowers and also contains other AMAZING ingredients to help you recover , including coconut water which is great for hydration and adding in electrolytes that you lose when you sweat during your workout.

Maintain is also flavoured with stevia instead of nasty artificial sweetners like most other BCAA on the market! This means its easily digestible and will not bloat you!

It is non GMO, and there are no herbicides/pesticides or any added sugar. Maintain is Informed Sport tested so it is great if you are a professional athlete!

I love the Strawberries and cream flavour. It is super smooth and mixes easily. I personally didn’t like other companies vegan BCAA’s as they tasted super duper overly sweet thanks to the artificial sweetner and it left a nasty after taste. Artificial sweetners are one of the top triggers for IBS and bloating so I prefer to use a product sweetned with stevia. Raw Sport may not taste as sweet or as strong but the strawberry and coconut flavours really come through, to me it tastes like a strawberry pavalova! I love it 🙂

Sample sizes are available to order which are great for first time buyers and also if you want to take it away whilst travelling! I took my BCAA on holiday, as I honestly cannot live without them!

You can use code #Foxy20for discount with this link

With my discount a bag would cost you less than £19 🙂 mine tends to last a month and I train nearly every day!

The new Cherry Kola flavour is available for pre order now too!

You may not be vegan or vegetarian so it may not even bother you that your BCAA’s come from animal hair, however in order to get the aminos from the keratin in the hair, it requires a heavy chemical process and a lot of athletes would rather avoid this!

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