Little miss positivity

🦊 Positive Foxy 🦊 I love getting comments about how positive I am and I love even more when people message me and say I have inspired them, it really makes me smile and my heart feel all fuzzy 🦄

BUT I have posted a lot less this last week, it suddenly came into my head that in a world nowadays where we are pushing and promoting for people to speak out and reach out about mental health if you are suffering, is someone like me telling you to be positive 24/7 going to annoy you or make you feel like you can’t share your thoughts…

I would hate to think that people can’t talk to me. Like I am a positive and optimistic person but its normal to have down days too, I just want people to feel like life is a blessing and a wonderful thing and we should try and do the things that make us happy and to make the most of it! 😘

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