Chickpea Oat Cookies

🦊 Balance 🦊 Recipe at bottom!🦊

The amount of messages I have had from people saying I need to loosen up a bit on my diet is incredible. I appreciate all the messages because I know it’s from a good place and I know that people care about me 😘I 💖 you all loads for it 💖

At the moment I am reverse dieting from my show, I don’t want to start eating everything in sight because my body was put under stress for prep, if I eat loads now I will likely gain loads now too! But I am allowing myself treats and more clean food in the week! Don’t worry I’m not starving myself, I never was 😘

I still have goals I want to reach and that’s why I eat the way I do. I feel better for it mentally and physicaly. To you it may look like I don’t eat “normally” but bodybuilding is an extreme sport and it will probably never be seen as “normal”. The average woman in the UK is a size 14, so I guess compared to average a lot of us wouldn’t be considered “normal”.

-I have had messages to say what I do is unhealthy but to me the average diet in the UK filled with junk food is not “normal” either! I have lived that lifestyle before and i felt terrible for it! So I will carry on living my “normal” and you can carry on living yours 😽 as long as each individual is happy and healthy that’s all that matters!

Life’s too short to be anything than happy and healthy 😍

I do allow myself treats but I prefer to experiment and make myself something like these Chickpea Oat Cookies on the weekend 🙂

Recipe for 2:

Blend 1 drained tin of chickpeas, 80g gluten free oats, 30g @nutrisslim peanut butter, 15g @rawsportofficial protein and some stevia. Bake for 30 minutes and top with goodies! I went for @goupiegroupies @sweetfreedomuk and @wholeearthfoods 😍

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