Top 5 foods to put in your shopping basket this September

Top 5 foods to put in your shopping basket this September

Food always tastes better when it is in season!

We are coming into Autumn now, and this means we say good bye to yummy summer berries and a big warm hello to deep and dark coloured veggies. These are all full of vitamins and a great source of disease fighting nutrients!

See below for my top 5 foods to add to your shopping basket and why!

1. Blackberries

If you are lucky, you might not even need to buy blackberries, as September sees the country’s bramble bushes filled with these delicious dark berries and this is the perfect time to go for a long country walk and to get rummaging!

• Low in calories – 80g serving is only 20 calories

• High in fibre

• Good source of vitamin C and E

• Contain anithocyanins, bioflavanoids which lower risk of cancer and heart disease

Try my blackberry chia jam recipe

2. Courgette

The darker the courgette the better they will be for you! The smaller the courgette, the tastier they will be!

• Low in calories – 94 percent water! 1 medium courgette has around 17 calories

• Good source of vitamin c and folate

• Can give relief to aches and pains

Try my chocolate courgette yoghurt loaf, or why not add some grated courgette to your oats to bulk them out in the morning!

3. Plums

Choose the brightly coloured plums that are slightly soft to the touch!

• Low in calories – 1 plum is around 20 calories

• Contains vitamin C, potassium, iron and fibre

• Improves sleep and concentration

• Prevents age related macular degeneration (eyesight)

I love to blend plums up into a lovely smoothie. To make my smoothies even prettier, I blend different fruits and layer them with vegan yoghurt.

4. Kale

Kale really is a super food! It may sound disgusting but when you get used to it, it is great!

• 80g of cooked kale contains your daily recommendation of Vitamin A and C

• Low calorie – 80g of cooked cale is around 20 calories

• Lessens the cancer causing potential of oestrogen and protects against disease

Kale crisps are super duper easy! Throw some washed kale on to a baking tray and spray with fry light and sprinkle with sea salt. Cook at 180 degrees until crispy! Keep an eye on them as they do tend to burn quickly!

5. Pumpkin

Pumpkin spice lattes are popping up EVERYWHERE this season! If you didn’t know Starbucks now offer a vegan PSL!

Pumpkins are rich in beta carotene, this is what gives them their bright orange colour! If you search the internet, there are tons of vegan cake recipes which use pumpkin too! Don’t forget to keep the seeds!

• Low calorie – 80g serving is 10 calories

• Pumpkin seeds are a good source of protein, iron and zinc

• Rich in vitamin A and C

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