Nature’s Finest Nutrisslim peanut butter Review

I am a sucker for any kind of nut butter! Peanut, almond, cashew, hazlenut… I am not fussy!

Have you even met a bodybuilder who is not obsessed by nut butter?!

Bulk Powders – mince pie peanut butter is still my ultimate fave! Please lets all pray they make it again this Christmas!

If you know me well, I am also a sucker for anything NEW, I just need to try it straight away haha!

I spotted these new Nature’s Finest Nutrisslim peanut butters on Instagram and went on the hunt for them at the weekend.

They are 100% organic, enriched with plant based proteins, no refined sugar, no palm oil and are suitable for vegans!

Debating with my friend, whether they would really be as yummy as they sounded or if they would be a let down, I decided to go for 3 out of the 5 flavours and here is my verdict.

Crunchy Strawberry

Coming in at 1st place is the crunchy strawberry flavour! 

I adore anything strawberry flavour as long as they get it right. I am not a huge lover of anything artificial strawberry tasting but I am pleased to say they have got this JUST RIGHT! The natural flavourings of strawberry just come through and melts in your mouth!

The texture of the roasted buckwheat to make it crunchy is PERFECT! The texture isn’t as crunchy as your typical “crunchy” PB, it is smoother but with surprise crunches in the jar!

I would 100 percent buy this again! I would recommend for baking or for topping your oats and for people who would enjoy a subtle strawberry flavour!

Banana and Vanilla

2nd place for this fruity delight

They have got the flavour of this spot on, the PB is not overly fruity but more of a banoffee tasting nut butter! I could legit just eat this out of the jar!

The texture of this flavour is like your typical smooth PB and is great on top of rice cakes!

I would be tempted to buy this again! My only concern is if you are not used to vegan based proteins, you may find the  pea protein a little overpowering.


Coming in last place

Now I am always honest with my reviews, so sadly I have to say I was disappointed with this flavour! Out of all the flavours that should have had the extra crunch, cookie in my opinion needed it! There was nothing that resembled the taste of cookies at all 😦 and I couldn’t even taste the cinnamon that had been added.

I wouldn’t recommend this flavour guys!

Other flavours available in the range are: chocolate chip and cacao/coconut

UPDATE: I have tried the choc chip and the cacao coconut flavours and whilst I like them I wouldn’t rush to buy them again!

However I must say these peanut butters did really grow on me! The more I ate them the more I loved them! 😍

Where to buy

I found them in TK Maxx! But you can also order online here

Oils and butters – Nutrisslim

Be the first informed about special offers, novelties and promotional coupons! I agree with the Terms of entry and I am aware that I can withdraw my consent at any time.


I paid £4.99 per 350g jar and they retail around £7.00 online


If you are used to the taste of plant proteins I would say they are worth a try if you can find them in TK Maxx for under a fiver!

I would defo be tempted to buy the strawberry flavour again and I love that they are organic, palm oil free and full of extra protein too!

Taste wise however, there are probably better nut butters on the market!

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