First time competitor – you are always ENOUGH

🦊 Will I be good enough? 🦊

As a first time competitor, all through prep I guarantee you will be having thoughts running through your head like

“Will I be lean enough?”

“Will I fit in on stage?”

“Will i be ready in time?”

“Will I fall over on stage… or my personal biggest fear “will my hair extensions fly out and land on the judges lap 🙈🤣”

I just want you to know as long as you are working your hardest and giving every 💯, this is more than enough! –

You will never feel ready for your first show! And ultimately you will never be perfect, thats the beauty of bodybuilding we can learn, progress and get better! –

Choose to be the best version you can be at the time and that will always be ENOUGH! Remember you are amazing, kind and will be inspiring people you don’t even know!

Getting stuff done will always be better than waiting for the “perfect” time! So if you are having cold feet or first time wobbles, just remember that is completely natural! Channel the nerves and see them as excitement!

You have not come this far to only come this far! You are on the final stretch now, think of all the times you have pushed yourself in the gym, all the times you have woken up early for cardio, turned down yummy treats and prepped all your food!

This is your moment now! Make yourself proud and enjoy every moment because YOU are ENOUGH and your dedication will sparkle on stage!

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