10 tips to start your fitness journey

1. Decide on your reason WHY

Finding your reason for wanting to embark on your journey to a healthier and fitter you will give you focus.

Is it that you want more energy to play with your children?

You want to look great for a party?

You want to enter a fitness competition?

You want to run your first 5k?

Is it that you want to look amazing on your wedding dress?

We all have something that drives us! If you really focus on your reason why for doing something it will help push you towards your goal!

Remember to keep your WHY as a positive! You should not look in the mirror and say I want to lose weight because I am ugly. NO NO NO! Stop right there! Your why should be positive….. I want to lose weight so I have more energy to do the things I love πŸ’–

2. Set REALISTIC goals

How many times have your promised yourself, that you will go to the gym every day, only eat 1000 calories a day and be in bed by 10pm every night? Only to fail by day two!

It is important to set realistic goals around your time frame and capabilities!

If you set yourself up to fail, you will feel guilty.

Be kind to yourself, exercise should make you feel amazing! If you set yourself realistic goals, you are more likely to be consistent and feel good about achieving them!

Make your goals specific – saying you want to lose weight is too broad! If you set yourself a goal of wanting to lose 7 pounds by Christmas and break it into smaller goals like half a pound a week, you will then have smaller goals to work towards along the way!

3. Be accountable

When you start it is a good idea to take photos and measurements so you have something to compare your progress to!

Tell your friends and family about your goal so that you have people to stay accountable to! You could even take your friends along with you to the gym!

4. Ease in slowly

Ease in slowly. Pace yourself, especially if you are not used to exercise. There is no point killing yourself in your first gym session to then be in pain for a week and not be able to return! Be kind to yourself!

Find an exercise that you enjoy. Exercise should be fun and not seen as a chore. For example when I first got into fitness, I loved going to Zumba classes with my friends 😊

Make sure you are giving yourself enough time to rest and get plenty of sleep!

5. Ask an expert

If you are new to the gym, I would highly recommend hiring a Personal Trainer. If this sounds like something that you cannot afford right now, I would still recommend booking in for at least one session. They will be able to show you the basics to help you progress. There is nothing worse than joining a gym and having no idea what you are doing!

If this still isn’t a feasible option, I would recommend checking out the fitness classes on offer. Quite often there will be a class such as circuit training, where you will be able to pick up some ideas of exercises you can do in the gym!

6. Try a home workout

Do not panic if you cannot get to the gym! Home workouts can be just as effective and I will be posting some home workouts on my VLOG very soon! Watch this space!

7. Be prepared with your diet

We all know how important diet is! My top tip with regards to diet would be to be prepared! Plan your meals for the week in advance so you know what to buy when you go food shopping! Try to stay to your healthy planned meals and allow yourself a few treats to keep you on track!

Small changes will add up over time to big changes! Swap your sugary sweets and processed crisps for more fruit and vegetables and try to have protein in each meal!

Drink plenty of water! You will have so much more energy and it really does help you to lose weight!

8. Never compare yourself

Do not compare yourself to others! It’s great to look through magazines and Instagram, but use these people to inspire you not to make you feel worse about yourself! Remember we all start somewhere!

9. Learn from your mistakes

If you fall off your new fitness wagon, try to learn from your mistakes!

For example I know that I cannot just eat 1 biscuit, I will demolish the whole packet! Therefore, I learn from my mistakes and no longer buy biscuits for in the house!

If you keep making the same mistakes, you will always be in the same place! Try to change these habits and you will soon see progress.

10. Never a perfect time to start!

There will never be a perfect time to start your fitness journey! So why not just go ahead and start NOW!

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