“Can you eat lotsa cake now….”

Are you going to start eating normal now?

If I had a pound for every time I have been asked this since my competition I would be a very rich young lady 😺 But we all know that yes cake is LIFE 🍰

Why keep pushing when you have already achieved your goal?

  • For me, my first competition was to prove to myself I could achieve my dreams of finally stepping on stage and also it was to see whether the competing world was for me!

I mean competing in bodybuilding competitions won’t be for everyone. You push your body to the ultimate limit and your whole focus and world revolves around getting into stage condition.

You then stand on a stage wearing the darkest tan and tiniest bikini in a line up of absolutely beautiful women, to then be judged by a group of people and for them to decide who they find the most attractive!

  • Luckily I loved every single second of competing and for me it was never about the medals, it was about giving my absolute all , week in week out to pursue my dreams.

Why not slow down now?

  • Competing has only ignited the fire in my belly more to succeed and pursue my dreams! When you have the momentum behind you and you have done well you will be satisfied but ultimately you will strive for more and more!

  • Bodybuilding is so much more than winning medals. It’s about the people you meet who are like minded to you. The friendships you form will last a lifetime. People will love you no matter how you look, and they do not love you more or less if you win or lose, it really is just about finding something you love and hve a passion for!

So now my focus is on working on my judges feedback in order to bring a better package next season! Bring on the gains 💪🏽

And remember love yourself as you are whilst striving to achieve your full potential 😍

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