Don’t waste time hating your body

🦊 How you look does not define you 🦊

🦄 People will love you for being you, not how you look so it’s best to look the way that YOU want and to do what makes YOU happy! 🦄

First photo I may look “too big” to some people but I love this shot by @jody_wright1 because I feel strong and powerful 💪🏽

Second photo was my first ever show day and the smile says it all! Don’t be fooled just because you make it to show day it doesn’t mean you will think your body is perfect, in fact you will probably scrutinise it more than you ever have done in your life! But this is the happiest I have ever been with my body and shows the dedication I put in to achieving my dream 🤩 To get to this I was eating in a calorie deficit and training twice a day!

Third photo is where most people would class me as being “balanced”. I went to the gym 3-4 times a week and didn’t weigh my food, just stuck to healthier options but still enjoyed eating out too.

4th photo was the only time I have ever been unhappy with my body. Looking back now I didn’t even look bad and I wish I could go back and tell myself that now so I would have enjoyed my holidays more rather than worry about how I looked! This is the period of time I had my most unhealthy relationship with food and I never want to go back to that!

Photo 5 is before I knew what a bloody macro or gym workout was! Sometimes I think it would be easier to go back to that haha but I wouldn’t change my current lifestyle for anything in the whole world!

Then the last photos are me the day before show compared to 6 weeks post show! It can be a mind field for girls post show putting weight back on when we have just spent the last few months working our bums off to lose every bit of body fat possible but we need to learn to love our bodies in every part of the journey! Improvements can be made in off season and you can still look just as good with curves as when you are lean! If we let our happiness be ruled by how we look we will miss out on so much of life! Life is so short so make the most of it and just do your best!

Sorry for the long post but my mind needed some reflection time and Insta is where I like to spill my brains 🙂

Vegan cinnamon bun

🦊 I live for weekend breakfasts 🦊

I love having time to prepare something healthy but different to my normal breakfasts! I have been craving Cinnamon buns for ages but have never seen a vegan one anywhere, so luckily I found a recipe on @betterbeingsteph page 😘

I swapped the vanilla flavour protein for @rawsportofficial Toffee Fudge flavour (because I am obsessed) and it tasted A- M – A – Z – I – N – G!!!! –

Use code #FOXY20 for discount

Recipe is here:

Raw and Wild Pili nut review

Raw and Wild Pili nut Review

What are Pili nuts?

Pili nuts come from the Philippines. They grow in volcanic soil and are nourished by organic minerals and abundant rainfall.  Similar to coconuts, the pili nuts are left out to dry in the sun and they are then shelled and prepared for us to eat.

Pili nuts are vegan, gluten free, raw and non GMO

Health benefits of Pili nuts

• Vitamin E = balances hormones

• Magnesium = great for muscle health

• Manganese = controls sugar levels

• Thiamine = maintains metabolism

• Phosphorus = cell repair

• Copper = increases energy

Why are the nuts activated?

We are always told to soak our nuts but how many of us really do? Luckily for us, Raw and Wild have already done that process for us! The pili nuts are soaked for 8-24 hours and they are then dehydrated until they are dry and crispy (and yummy!)

• This process neutralises phytic acid. Phytic acid stops us from being able to fully absorb minerals.

• It deactivates enzyme inhibitors, this is great as some nuts can give us bloating or discomfort. You know me and that EVERYTHING bloats me haha but thankfully I am completely fine with pili nuts 🙂

• This process removes the bitter after taste that nuts sometimes have.


To me, pili nuts taste similar to cashew nuts but BETTER! They are now actually my favourite nut ever, I cannot get enough! They are smooth and crunchy with just the right amount of bite to them! The nuts are chopped quite small but this is perfect for me!


Pili nuts are silky smooth, for me I would say they are a cross between a cashew nut and a peanut! I think they would be awesome for making raw desserts or vegan cheese! I use mine to top currys and they give a nice crunch to the meal!


I have only tried the sea salt flavour and the original so far, but both are absolutely amazing. I think I may be slightly addicted to the sea salt flavour! (Pink packaging too haha)

• Original

• Chocolate and coconut

• Turmeric and Ginger

• Sea salt

• Chilli

I defo need to try the other flavours ASAP!

Where to buy

• Holland and Barrett

• Wholefoods

• Revital

• Amazon

• Selfridges

Shop | Order online | Raw & Wild
Shop online for our range of activated pili nuts in five different flavours. FREE Delivery when you spend £15 or more | UK


£1.99 for a 22g snack bag

£5.99 for 70g bag



I cannot get enough of these tasty nuts!

I love supporting smaller companies and I love it even more when the product is actually good for my health! I would really recommend the sea salt flavour if you are into salted nuts! The macros are great and the taste is just spot on! No nasty bloating either which is the main advantage for me!

I will be stocking up and I hope to try the other flavours soon! If the price was slightly cheaper, I would buy more often, however nuts aren’t ever the cheapest food anyway, and compared to competitors, I believe these are very fairly priced!

I am crossing my fingers that Raw and Wild decide to make a pili nut butter, how bloody epic would that be!

Be sure to check out the website for yummy recipe ideas!

Let me know if you try!

Top 5 foods to help you sleep better

Top 5 foods to help you sleep better

As we approach the winter months, the lack of light can cause your body to produce more melatonin. Melatonin is responsible for regulating the body’s sleep/wake cycle and if the body is producing a higher level, it can leave us feeling tired and sluggish!

I have noticed myself; it is dark when I wake up now (boo hoo) so a good night’s sleep is a must!

Try adding in these 5 foods to help aid a good night’s sleep:


Walnuts are a great choice for a bedtime snack: they are they full of protein, so they will stop you getting the midnight munchies, and they also contain a high level of magnesium and tryptophan.  They help to boost serotonin levels in the brain, which is a natural sedative!

Tip: Try eating a handful of walnuts 2 hours before bed.

Beans / chickpeas

As vegans, we are constantly reminded to keep an eye on our B Vitamins. A lot of us will already take a B6 supplement. B Vitamins can help prevent insomnia and anxiety. Beans contain a natural source of some B Vitamins and these can help us to sleep more peacefully.

Tip: Chickpeas contain a high level of Vitamin B6 and produce serotonin, which helps boost your mood too!


Bananas are high in the mineral called potassium. Potassium is great for sending you in to a deeper sleep! It is also beneficial if you suffer with restless legs. Bananas contain magnesium, which works in sync with potassium and helps to relax your muscles.

Tip: I love to cut my banana up and top with peanut butter and sunflower seeds ☺ If you are feeling extra indulgent, you could fill a banana with nut butter and dark chocolate, wrap in foil and bake for half an hour!

Whole grains/ oats

We are often told not to reach for carbohydrates before bed but, if you are feeling wide awake, having a small amount of whole grains or oats can help to encourage the production of insulin, which will in turn help your brain get the levels of tryptophan it needs for sleep.

Tip: Reach for a small bowl of oats, there is nothing like going to bed feeling warmed up inside! Or choose 1 slice of wholegrain bread!

Leafy Greens

Research suggests if you are calcium deficient, you could find it harder to sleep. Luckily for us, leafy greens like kale and cabbage contain high levels of calcium.

Tip: Try adding a healthy sized portion of greens to your evening meal!

Other things to help sleep

● Chamomile Tea

● Switching off all electronic devices 1 hour before bed

● The essential oil lavender

● Epsom salt baths

● Calming music

Chickpea Oat Cookies

🦊 Balance 🦊 Recipe at bottom!🦊

The amount of messages I have had from people saying I need to loosen up a bit on my diet is incredible. I appreciate all the messages because I know it’s from a good place and I know that people care about me 😘I 💖 you all loads for it 💖

At the moment I am reverse dieting from my show, I don’t want to start eating everything in sight because my body was put under stress for prep, if I eat loads now I will likely gain loads now too! But I am allowing myself treats and more clean food in the week! Don’t worry I’m not starving myself, I never was 😘

I still have goals I want to reach and that’s why I eat the way I do. I feel better for it mentally and physicaly. To you it may look like I don’t eat “normally” but bodybuilding is an extreme sport and it will probably never be seen as “normal”. The average woman in the UK is a size 14, so I guess compared to average a lot of us wouldn’t be considered “normal”.

-I have had messages to say what I do is unhealthy but to me the average diet in the UK filled with junk food is not “normal” either! I have lived that lifestyle before and i felt terrible for it! So I will carry on living my “normal” and you can carry on living yours 😽 as long as each individual is happy and healthy that’s all that matters!

Life’s too short to be anything than happy and healthy 😍

I do allow myself treats but I prefer to experiment and make myself something like these Chickpea Oat Cookies on the weekend 🙂

Recipe for 2:

Blend 1 drained tin of chickpeas, 80g gluten free oats, 30g @nutrisslim peanut butter, 15g @rawsportofficial protein and some stevia. Bake for 30 minutes and top with goodies! I went for @goupiegroupies @sweetfreedomuk and @wholeearthfoods 😍

Little miss positivity

🦊 Positive Foxy 🦊 I love getting comments about how positive I am and I love even more when people message me and say I have inspired them, it really makes me smile and my heart feel all fuzzy 🦄

BUT I have posted a lot less this last week, it suddenly came into my head that in a world nowadays where we are pushing and promoting for people to speak out and reach out about mental health if you are suffering, is someone like me telling you to be positive 24/7 going to annoy you or make you feel like you can’t share your thoughts…

I would hate to think that people can’t talk to me. Like I am a positive and optimistic person but its normal to have down days too, I just want people to feel like life is a blessing and a wonderful thing and we should try and do the things that make us happy and to make the most of it! 😘