Learn from your experiences rather than complaining about them!

🦊 The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it 🦊

I wrote a post 12 weeks before my fitness competition about the POWER of WHY and how one of my driving factors of wanting to compete was because I honestly see fitness as a privilige!

A few years ago I was brutally attacked by a dog when he went straight in for the kill. It knocked my confidence having scars on my face and effected my training as he bit straight through most of the muscles in my hand, I had tons of complicated operations to fix my hand and I worked with a fantastic physio to get some movement back!

I got told I would never be able to use my left hand again, but I refused to believe this! I used to go to the gym with my arm still in a cast and try to work around it πŸ™ˆ I spent hours doing the exercises the physio told me and researched anything that would help me!

A few years later, I still have limited grip in my hand and I will never be able to do things like pushups (hallelujah no burpees for me πŸ˜‚)but I do the best I can! Fitness is my passion and prep is a choice and I am forevrr grateful that I was still able to pursue my dreams! I mean come on, I could have come off a lot worse!

Learn from your experiences rather than complaining about them! Your mind is the source of your moods and not the situation you find yourself in, so how you choose to react to things will determine your happiness! Everything in life has a purpose so make the best use of every situation even when things seem super mega shitty!

This post was inspired by @phoebehagan_ latest youtube video – go check her out! Stop playing victim and don’t let your past define you! β™₯️

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