68 days to go!

Yesterday I made the trek down to get my pose on with IFBB Pro Karina Skowronska πŸ™‚

I started having posing lessons in April and have tried to practice almost every day since then but my brain just doesn’t get it! I think its the same as why I can’t drive, when I am being told to twist this way, bend that way, my brain just doesn’t get it haha.

I always knew posing would be hard, after all your hard work in the gym and diet, you don’t just get wheeled on to the stage, you have to showcase yoir body in the best way possible, this includes twisting and bending till you feel like your muscles might snap off haha!

I am so glad I started to have lessons early, the old me would be doubting myself saying I can’t do it and to just give up! But blow me, I have come too far to quit now!

So plan of action is to pose on the daily and get more 121 posing sessions until I nail it! I have to remember my body isn’t stage lean yet either so poses don’t always look as flattering as they will on stage!

Thanks Karina for being my motivation 😻

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