Review – Valentinos Worcester

I have left it until the following day to write this review because I was beyond fuming last night!

I went to Valentinos on a hen do last night with a party of around 40 of us. We were asked to pre order our food, understandably.

As a vegan along with a big list of allergies, I emailed the restaurant well in advance to see if and what I would be able to eat. Very kindly I was left a voicemail to call and speak to the chef regarding this. Each time I called I could not get through to the chef so I ended up ordering plain green salad and plain rice to be on the safe side. Not the most appealing but I was just happy to go and celebrate my friends hen do.

I clearly stated it had to be vegan and with no oil as I have allergies.

Once my rice arrived, I took one bite and realised it was covered in butter. I called the waitress over who said it also had olive oil.

If you are vegan you know the absolute heart break it feels to eat something with dairy when you spend your whole life going out of your way to live a cruelty free life. Not only this but I am allergic to dairy so have spent the whole of last night not only upset but in a lot of pain.

I completely understand with a large party, mistakes can happen. We are after all only human but I would have expected more of an apology. I was offered a fresh bowl of plain rice, but once my trust in a restaurant has gone and when you feel sick to your stomach thats the last thing I wanted!

They kindly offered to give me my food for free- cheers I don’t have to pay for food I didn’t eat! But still charged me for my drink! A diet coke, by the way, that I couldn’t finish because it tasted like cheap Aldi 19p a bottle coke! I also had to ask three times for my drink with about a half an hour wait for it to arrive!

To put things in perspective, my friends all enjoyed their meals. Most of the staff were friendly during a busy night and the toilets were clean.

In this day and age I do believe restaurants should be more careful regarding allergies and lifestyle choices so Valentinos will never ever ever get my custom again!

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