Meandros Boutique Hotel and Spa Review πŸ’–

Myself and my partner stayed at the beautiful Meandros Boutique Hotel and Spa in Zante from June 17th to June 24th to celebrate my 30th birthday πŸ™‚

First Impressions

The hotel looks beautiful as soon as you arrive so first impressions were great! We were welcomed by staff instantly and our bags were taken care of. We were welcomed by a glass of juice and as we checked in Nanai (hope I spelt this right) on reception told us about the main facilities of the hotel!


We stayed in room 212 at the back of the hotel. The room was the most spacious hotel room I have ever stayed in!

We also had a kitchenette which included a kettle, hob, sink and fridge πŸ™‚

We had two single beds pushed together, the bed was adequate but OMG the pillows are the BEST pillows ever! I wish I had them at home! Room was very quiet and we had no problem sleeping.

Bathroom was spacious and toiletries provided, including a hairdryer and scales too. The drains did smell occasionally but nothing too bad.

Balcony had table and chairs and a lovely view too. We were able to catch the last of the sun up there πŸ™‚

TV has BBC world news.

Air con worked perfectly πŸ™‚

Thankyou to the maid who kept our room spotless πŸ™‚


The pool is of a great size and there is a jacuzzi and kids pool too! We were always able to get a sunbed and there was a nice chilled atmosphere around the pool. There is a giant chess set too πŸ™‚ I loved that you are able to watch planes land as you sunbathe!

There is an outside bar to order food and drinks from.


For a small hotel there was plenty of choice and the food always looked fresh. I am vegan and I loved how the hotel made effort to provide for my needs. Everything is labelled clearly so you can check for any allergies.

One can sit inside or outside and dinnertime was never busy.

There is also a wide choice of food available at the pool bar and my partner was happy to eat there everyday as it was so tasty!


A few nights out of the week the hotel had singers who were very good, however as the hotel was so quiet, there was a lack of atmosphere.

I have to say the Greek Night on the Friday night was amazing. The dinner is moved to the outdoor bar and there is sooooo much choice! There is greek dancing and singing and it was just so much fun! Thankyou!


The hotel is in Kalamaki. I liked the location of the hotel as you can get to the beach with a five minute walk and along the way there are plenty of bars, shops and restaurants ( check out Cave Bar and Crystal Beach bar).

Zante Town is a 10 min bus or taxi ride away and if you are looking for nightlife Laganas is only a 10 min drive away too. Kampi is the best for sunsets and took us around 45 mins to drive to.


Meandros is definitely the most friendly hotel I have ever stayed in! The staff work so hard and they really make the hotel! Special thanks to Maggie and Christina for making our stay so special πŸ’– You are both an asset to the hotel and are so friendly πŸ™‚

The hotel even surprised me with a bottle of champagne delivered to the room for my birthday!


Small but adequate and thankfully they have air con!


We did go and check the spa out and it is out of this world beautiful, such a little hidden gem but unfortunatly we didn’t get time to use the spa!

There is a courtesy room and luggage room for your last day too πŸ™‚

Room for improvement

I honestly think this hotel has got everything spot on! The only thing I can think of as an improvement would be if tea and coffee could be provided in the room.

Also if plates could be cleared quicker around the pool as sometimes we would order food at 11am and by 4pm the plate would still be there. But in all honesty we could have taken them back ourselves πŸ™ˆ

68 days to go!

Yesterday I made the trek down to get my pose on with IFBB Pro Karina Skowronska πŸ™‚

I started having posing lessons in April and have tried to practice almost every day since then but my brain just doesn’t get it! I think its the same as why I can’t drive, when I am being told to twist this way, bend that way, my brain just doesn’t get it haha.

I always knew posing would be hard, after all your hard work in the gym and diet, you don’t just get wheeled on to the stage, you have to showcase yoir body in the best way possible, this includes twisting and bending till you feel like your muscles might snap off haha!

I am so glad I started to have lessons early, the old me would be doubting myself saying I can’t do it and to just give up! But blow me, I have come too far to quit now!

So plan of action is to pose on the daily and get more 121 posing sessions until I nail it! I have to remember my body isn’t stage lean yet either so poses don’t always look as flattering as they will on stage!

Thanks Karina for being my motivation 😻

70 days to go…

i have always read @muscleandfitnesshers magazine but totally love that there is now a UK version! @muscleandfitnesshersuk So cool to read articles from people I have followed for years and years such as @georgiasims_gs , @steff.nadine @ifbb_pro_melissa_jayne and @paigehathaway 😍πŸ’ͺ🏽πŸ’ͺ🏽 maybe one day i will be in there repping the vegan fitness life! I was pleased to see @rawsportofficial feature in the mag too! #muscleandfitnesshersuk #muscleandhers #muscleandfitnesshers #gym #fitfam #fitspo #anytimefitness #personaltrainer #pink #weightloss #vegan #veganfitness #magazine #paigehathaway #ifbb #bikini #veganfitness #bodypositivity #bodypower

73 days to go!

Loved watching Ashley Kaltwassers come back last weekend!

I have to say though todays inspiration cane from Francesca Lauren! She looked amazing!

I am still feeling a little bloated which i am trying not to effect my mind! Fasted cardio was awesome this morning πŸ™‚ could get used to it!

Good things about fasted cardio: sets you up for the day, you will feel amazing πŸ’“ Time to reflect on your goals and release those endorphins. Breakfast tastes fifty times more amazing!

Bad things about fasted cardio: BCAA and toothpaste do not mix well! You will get through tons more gym kit (more washing) hahah.

I don’t do fasted cardio every day but when I do I love it πŸ’“

Tip of the day: Do not wear perfume you hate to the gym because it will be all you can smell hah!

74 days to go!

I have felt totally amazing so far! Until this weekend… 11 weeks out and the self doubt started to creep in!

Will I be ready in time… will i manage to learn the posing in time! Will my knees make it 11 weeks?!

But today I have given myself a slap round the face and put my big girl pants on!

Trust the process, if I am fully compliant and do as I am told I will 100 percent bring the best I can to the stage!

I want to stand on the stage and know that I could not have done better if I tried!

I am bringing my all 😻

Review – Valentinos Worcester

I have left it until the following day to write this review because I was beyond fuming last night!

I went to Valentinos on a hen do last night with a party of around 40 of us. We were asked to pre order our food, understandably.

As a vegan along with a big list of allergies, I emailed the restaurant well in advance to see if and what I would be able to eat. Very kindly I was left a voicemail to call and speak to the chef regarding this. Each time I called I could not get through to the chef so I ended up ordering plain green salad and plain rice to be on the safe side. Not the most appealing but I was just happy to go and celebrate my friends hen do.

I clearly stated it had to be vegan and with no oil as I have allergies.

Once my rice arrived, I took one bite and realised it was covered in butter. I called the waitress over who said it also had olive oil.

If you are vegan you know the absolute heart break it feels to eat something with dairy when you spend your whole life going out of your way to live a cruelty free life. Not only this but I am allergic to dairy so have spent the whole of last night not only upset but in a lot of pain.

I completely understand with a large party, mistakes can happen. We are after all only human but I would have expected more of an apology. I was offered a fresh bowl of plain rice, but once my trust in a restaurant has gone and when you feel sick to your stomach thats the last thing I wanted!

They kindly offered to give me my food for free- cheers I don’t have to pay for food I didn’t eat! But still charged me for my drink! A diet coke, by the way, that I couldn’t finish because it tasted like cheap Aldi 19p a bottle coke! I also had to ask three times for my drink with about a half an hour wait for it to arrive!

To put things in perspective, my friends all enjoyed their meals. Most of the staff were friendly during a busy night and the toilets were clean.

In this day and age I do believe restaurants should be more careful regarding allergies and lifestyle choices so Valentinos will never ever ever get my custom again!