78 days to go! Fasted cardio!

Today I had to split my session into two as I was out for a meal this evening. This saw the return of FASTED CARDIO!

I haven’t done fasted cardio for around a year but to be honest I quite enjoy it! I am definitely a morning person and find it a great way to start my day!

People believe fasted cardio helps to burn the more stubborn areas of fat too! I haven’t ever done it for a long enough period of time to ever notice a difference but I love the buzz it gives me for the day!

I would recommend supplementing with a BCAA to ensure you do not lose muscle during fasted cardio and I will do a review on my fave vegan versions tomorrow!

The only thing with fasted cardio is it can sometimes make people feel hungrier for the rest of the day!

I survived today without hunger striking, however I did go for a meal where there was tons of vegan goodies such as vegan pie and vegan icecream ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

I ate my planned meal before I went and ordered a side whilst out.

I don’t believe in missing out on social occasions just because I cannot eat the food. I still had a great time and it would have been selfish for me to miss a friends birthday!

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