79 days to go… dealing with negativity ğŸŒŸ

Diet and Workout all went to plan today and I even had extra time in the gym, thanks to the dentist cancelling on me last minute 🙄 (hopefully all my teeth don’t fall out before show 🤣)

I am Trying to keep these diary posts short but I just wanted to touch on something from today!

I posted this photo as a throwback this morning….

And then I received a hella load of comments both from males and females along the lines of:

“why are you losing weight, you looked better before” …..

“you do realise men prefer meat on their girlfriends?!”….

“you looked better before you lost your boobs 🙄”

(Least I still have a bum though 🤣)

I am fully aware I post a lot on my Instagram and I leave myself open to be judged by people.

By Gosh… competing is guna be just that… standing on a stage and being judged by other people and compared to others aswell 🤣

The negative comments don’t phase me at all BUT it just puzzles me how people think it’s ok to say things like that!

How I deal with negativity

Looking back at my throwback photo I am about ten million times happier with my body right now. I feel body confident and I am loving my fitness journey and seeing my body change whilst pushing myself and working hard towards a goal.

I won’t lie my friends and my boyfriend may have heard me rant this morning and when the people close to you reassure you, it gives you a massive boost 🙂

So I will just focus on my positivity and continue to smile.

Skinny girls aren’t for everyone, fat girls aren’t for everyone, muscles offend some, curves entice some but all I know is my body is for me and I am happy!

So if someone seems happy and content with whatever they are doing, think about what you say to them as your negative comment could knock that smile away from their face!

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