Project Artisan – Phuket Review

After living off coconuts and plain Tofu from the supermarket, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found a trendy new restaurant just metres away from our hotel!

The funky signs advertising Project Artisan caught my eye and after a quick Instagram and Facebook search, I felt like I had won the lottery when I realised they sold Vegan food πŸ™ŒπŸΎ


When we arrived we had the choice whether we wanted to sit in the outside garden which is full of nice decorations and lights or sit inside which is equally as quirky! As the OH was melting from the heat we chose the nice air con inside option!


I had a mango smoothie for starter and the waitress was so helpful when I asked for it to be made vegan! It was so tasty πŸ‘Œ


For main I went for the Vegan burger, the food tasted so fresh, I loved the tomato salad that accompanied the meal and the sauces were super tasty! I wasn’t overly keen on the fries but thats my personal taste of not liking anything too oily.


I was going to be good and resist dessert but how can you resist when the waitress brings over a selection of homemade fruit sorbets on an ice tray! They looked so good I was tempted by the passionfruit sorbet and the presentation was just superb! It could not have been any more passionfruity if it tried, pure heaven!


Overall the atmosphere, service, price and food was exceptional and we loved it so much we will return tomorrow for dinner and to enjoy some drinks (they have a DJ every Wednesday). I also loved how there were cats in the gardens πŸ™‚
Project Artisan also has a grab and go bakery and a spa and I hope to have a massage before dinner tomorrow! i will keep you all updated!

I would definitely recommend if you are close by and the OH loved his omni food here too! Defo the best food I have had in Thailand! In terms of price it cost us 1600 baht for 2 drinks, a starter, 2 mains, a dessert and water.


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