Vegan chocolate cake

Just thought I would share with you some non healthy recipes I made today for the OH birthday

Choc Cake

I topped with oreos as my presentation is poor

Nearly forgot to add sugar haha, I must be too used to making healthy treats!

So good and even more amazing heated up! I bet it would go nicely with ice cream mmm.

Tastes like a proper choc fudge cake!

For the coffee I used @crumpetsandcoffee Rich chocolate flavour 🙂

5/5 I would recommend, I will make again for special occasions but way too naughty for me haha

Oreo Brownies

I love made by luci’s instagram @lucirebecca so I was thrilled to find this recipe on her website! Compared to the cake not as good and there was meant to be an oreo layer in the middle, however they all rose to the top haha!

3/5 not sure I would make again.

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