Review Plamil So Free Cool Mint Dark Chocolate

Thankyou to my Boo @laurenlsj for gifting me this chocolate 🙂


I thought this review was going to turn out very different…. what can I say…. it wasn’t love at first bite! I am not sure what I was expecting but it was a lot mintier than I thought!

I honestly believed the result of this review would be negative but I went back for more a bit later (come on, let me off it is chocolate haha) and my opinion was flip reversed…. I actually LOVED it!

The chocolate is sugar free but it doesn’t taste overly sweet as some sugar free products do and it didn’t leave a nasty chemically after taste like some other products do.

It tasted light and fresh and more milky than dark chocolate which I know a lot of Vegans search for!



Really silky smooth! The bar is very thin so the feel is light and fresh, especially with the mint flavouring.



£2.65 for 100g .Hmmmmm I don’t want to sound like a tight ass but I don’t believe it is worth this much, although I guess if you need to eat sugar free it is probably worth the money.


Where to Buy

Holland and Barrett


If you miss milky mint chocolate then its worth a go! I would buy it again for sure if I saw it for under £2.00!

I actually wish I could eat some right now so I must of liked it!

Other comments

The sweetner used is xylitol so if you are doing a low fodmap diet thats one to watch!

Plamil have Vegan easter eggs out now and I have my eyes on them haha! Also the banana and strawberry chocolate ends look good value on the Plamil website!

Overal 3.5/5

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