My Protein Vegan Banana Cinnamon Protein Review

I have finally found a Vegan Protein shake I love in Revolution Foods Raw Sport Range so I won’t be changing anytime soon!

Samples are available:

However I did find a random sample of My Protein Vegan Blend in the cupboard!

It happened to be Banana Cinnamom flavour and I couldn’t resist trying!


To be honest its doesn’t really have a banana or cinnamon taste! More like vanilla I would say. It’s not a bad tasting protein but not what it says on the tin!


It blends so so so so much better than the Vegan Blend chocolate smooth flavour! Although it tastes like traditional vegan protein powder it doesn’t have the sandy texture like the choc flavour!


£14.99 for 1kg! Cheap and cheerful!

Where to buy:


If you are looking for a cheap Vegan protein it is an average product. Taste is ok and texture is way better than the chocolate flavour however for a similar price I would recommend Scitec Choc praline vegan shake or if you want a quality product that actually tastes like banana… go for Rev Foods Raw Sport!

I personally won’t buy again but it’s worth a try of a sample to see if you like it

Overall 3/5

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