St Andrews Town Hotel – Droitwich Spa. Vegan Afternoon Tea Review

Myself and the other half visited St Andrews Town Hotel in Droitwich Spa for afternoon tea yesterday.

From the initial booking the customer service was great. I enquired firstly if St Andrews would be able to provide a Vegan Afternoon Tea and I had a prompt email response that this would be no problem.

I was dealt with professionally and booking was easy peasy 🙂 all done via email!

I have been to St Andrews before and the building is beautiful, lots of people choose to get married here 👰🏼


The bottom layer of my afternoon tea comprised of Vegan finger sandwiches.

There were 2 kinds: brown bread filled with grilled courgette and sundried tomato (absolutley to die for! AMAZING!!!) and the others were pea puree and tomato puree on white bread (nice but not as nice as the others!) The sandwiches were accompanied with vegetable crisps and some salad!

The middle layer comprised of a mini espresso cup filled with pea soup! I loved this! So cute!

Along with celery sticks, sundried tomato, radish and some pea puree and pickle to use as dipping sauces.

The top layer was jelly and fruit topped with two scoops of sorbet (one raspberry and I think perhaps the other was lemon but hard to tell!) The jelly was absolutely FANTASTIC, I’m sure it may have had prosecco in, it kind of had a fizzy tang to it and went perfectly with the fresh fruit!


We had the option of tea or coffee and if you know me by now, you know I went for the peppermint tea option!


St Andrews is beautiful and pretty inside and we were lucky to have our afternoon tea in the garden room with views of the garden, just a shame it was raining!

We chose to have our tea quite late so we were the only ones here so was a bit quiet but lovely all the same!


From the lady on the reception desk to the lady who served us, I could not of asked for better service. They were really friendly, professional and nothing was too much trouble. We were served quickly (albeit we were the only ones here haha).

Service with a smile!


£14.95 per person or £19.95 per person if you would prefer a bubbly afternoon tea! Look out for deals on Group On too!

I think the price is very reasonable 🙂


I would recommend St Andrews for Vegan afternoon tea if you are in the area but I wouldn’t travel out of my way for it.

I was pleasantly surprised with my Vegan option and it’s lucky I am on a diet because I didn’t leave with the Oh my God I might die of a sugar coma feeling you normally have after eating too much cake haha but having said that I was disappointed there was no vegan cake for me to try 😦

The sandwiches and jelly were really special however, thankyou to the chef 🙂 and for the price you cannot go wrong.

If you are willing to spend a little more I would recommend the Chateau Impney too for a Vegan Afternoon Tea!

Other comments

My other half had a traditional afternoon tea with a latte, scones and jam/cream and cakes! He absolutely loved it and would defo go back!


I would definitely return, the food was great and service exceptional, only disappointment was no cake/scones 4/5

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