Alpro Caffee Review

If you know me, you know I cannot resist trying new Vegan products so I was thrilled when Alpro announced two new coffee milks!

Because you know, coffee is BAE ♥️☕️

So far I have only tried the soya caramel version and here is my opinion:


I have tried this product in a variety of ways!

On its own! Tastes amazing – literally like caramel coffee flavoured milk! Not too thick or thin! The caramel flavour really comes through and the coffee isn’t too overpowering!

Mixed with coffee! I realise I have mixed it with flavoured coffee but it matches really well with these flavours! Crumpets and coffee choc hazlenut and this milk is the 💣 i bet the hazlenut version would be off the scale!

Mixed with ice and Revolution Foods Plant based protein! Tastes like a toffee caramel frappe! Perfect for post workout!


At the moment this beauty is £2.00 on offer. I personally wouldn’t pay any more than £2.00 🙅🏼

Where to buy?

I believe Sainsburys is the only stockist at the moment


If you like Alpro plant milks already and you are into sweet coffee, it is defo worth a go if you can get it for £2.00.

All reviews I have read are positive! However I seem to be with the consensus on that Califia Farms (also available in Sainsburys) is better!

Overall: 4/5 it’s not something I would rush to buy again but I would love to try the hazlenut version and overall it was a tasty treat!

As always I am thrilled to see more Plant Based Products ♥️

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