12 weeks progress 🦊

I have just finished the 12th week of staying consistent with a diet and fitness plan and thought I would update you all!

I am a total addict to Social Media so my 12 week journey has been pretty well documented on Instagram! Thanks to my Fitbit, I have pretty much posted every workout along with a cheeky picture!

So why did I start a 12 week plan?

For the past few years I have always worked out, whether that was down to work teaching fitness classes or down to trying to be bikini ready for my holidays, fitness has always been something I have enjoyed. My body has also always felt better fuelled by healthy food too! Although I had been pretty consistent, I was all about the balance, gymming perhaps three times a week and eating naughty foods on the weekend. The week was kept healthy but no strict portion size at all!

This resulted in me having an ok body but not where I wanted to be and after watching the UKBFF finals in October I thought to myself lets see where I can push myself in 12 weeks!

So 12 weeks, 90 days…. let me fill you in on the highs and the lows and what I have learnt!

The Highs

1. Learning to be Consistent!

Actually shocking myself and staying the most consistent I have been in years! I think out of the whole 12 weeks I have only missed around 4 sessions and this was down to the gym being closed for Christmas. That leaves me feeling I have accomplished something I set out to do and that’s a great feeling!

2. Healthy relationship with Food

Having a good relationship with food is important to me!I was concerned that trying to stick to something so strict would result in my old bing eating behaviour to reappear but it has been the total opposite, luckily I have not had mega cravings and I have managed to include small treats on the weekend and over Christmas.

For those of you who were following my Low Fodmap diet, I have still kept to Low Fodmap foods and it has worked miracles, I would recommend it to anyone!

3. Obviously a better looking body is a high

I never thought I looked bad before ( does that sound big headed 🤷🏽‍♀️😹) but I now love my body even more and can’t wait to see how much more I can transform!

The Lows and the Challenges

1. Peoples Opinions (skip this bit if you don’t like negative nancys haha)

It really doesn’t bother me what people think of me (as long as they think I’m a nice person 😹) but over the last 12 weeks I have received a few negative comments and it really shocks me how some people consider fitness such a bad thing.

Comments have included that I shouldn’t post my progress pictures because I make people fatter than me feel bad about themselves and its pretty much body shaming them 🙄

My answer to this is I trained to be a personal trainer to help people regain confidence in themselves and I actively promote body positivity. I like to post my progress because it keeps me motivated and also people tell me it inspires them too! I certainly don’t think I am better than anyone else and would never call anyone fat!

Comments that I waste too much time in the gym and there are better things to be doing.

My answer to life is too short and I spend too much time in the gym…. I agree life is too short and thats why it should be spent doing the things you love and enjoy, no matter what that is. People always tell me they would love my life as I travel to lots of places, fill my weekends with fun activities and live my life to the max! Gym just fits around eveything else! Yes i make it a priority and I may get up whilst other people are still in bed or I might give up watching the soaps so I can fit in my evening session but thats what I enjoy! I would never tell anyone that what they have a passion for is a waste of time!

Comments such as my diet is too restrictive and I will get ill.

Mostly the people saying this to me live off a diet of cereal, subways for lunch and 55 biscuits a day , so maybe my diet is slightly more restricted and not a free for all but at least it is healthy! No one who has said to me has even asked what my diet consists of and I have lots of variation thankyou 🙂

Comments people saying I looked better before.

Maybe in your opinion I did but surely how I want my body to look is what matters! There’s not a huge difference in how I look but a huge difference in confidence! I would never dream of putting someone down and purposely trying to make them feel bad!

2. Staying on plan over weekends away and Christmas

I won’t lie getting into a routine is easy but managing to stick to a plan otherwise is a challenge!

During the 12 weeks I spent a long weekend away in London, a weekend in Geneva and obviously there was Christmas to contend with too!

The trick is to plan ahead, I took my gym gear with me, drank more water and walked loads! I went for healthier options but made the most of new food experiences too (sampling new vegan foods in Geneva especially!)

So overall it has been a great 12 weeks and I cannot wait for another!

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