Vegan Goodies from Switzerland ðŸ’–

I was lucky enough to celebrate New Years Eve in Geneva and kept my eyes peeled in their local supermarkets for Vegan Goodies!

There seemed to be a good range and clearly labelled too! The Co-op City also have their equivalent of a free from section which made it easy too 🙂

Veganz Bliss Ball Cacao

Reminded me a bit of Deliciously Ellas balls but with a more chocolate truffely taste! So nice! I adored this scrumptious little ball of goodness! 5/5

Coop Ginger Surprise

Pretty standard dark choc coated ginger but the ginger tasted super strong! Perfect for me! 5/5

Veganz Protein Bars

There was a few in the range but these are the two I tried! Remind me of DS no cow bars in texture. I mean most vegan protein bars are not the tastiest things ever but for convenience they suited me well. I prefferred the peanut flavour and I wish these were available in the UK! 4/5

Mango Soyog

Loved how much variety there was of soya yoghurts. There was similar desserts to Alpro Vanilla and chocolate puddings and then flavours such as raspberry and even muesli flavour! I tried the Mango and it was great! 5/5

Coop Dark Chocolate Soya Yoghurt

I think I expected this to taste like Alpro Dark Choc Pudding however it was defo more yoghurty! This one wasn’t for me and I wasn’t going to waste 180 calories finishing it! 2/5

Coop Fruity Kiss

I wasn’t expecting anything special from these but O M G, shut the front door they are a strawberry rhubarby explosion of healthy goodness in your mouth! Honestly I would pick these over chocolate any day of the week! If anyone knows if these are available in the UK you will make my dreams come true! I tried to save some for @laurenlsj (my vegan bestie) to try but unfortunatly you have ended up with 1 haha sory Loz. 1 billion/5

Apricot Croissant at Geneva Airport

Clearly labelled Vegan and not overpriced I was amazed to find this at the airport and O M G it was delish!!! 5/5

Unfortunatly with us spending New Year in Geneva a lot of the restaurants were closed so I cannot really comment on the Vegan options for eating out in restaurants. From what I noticed there were only a few salad options, and with Geneva being pricy you are looking at paying between £20-40 in a middle of the road restaurant.

Coffee shops we visited only offered Lactose Free milk but no dairy free option but I tended to opt for Peppermint Tea (around £5-6)

I know there are dedicated Vegan restaurants and I would have loved to of tried them!

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