Vegan Protein Powders

The question I have been asked the most since Veganuary started this year, is which Vegan Protein powder is the best?

When it comes down to Protein Powder, it will always be a case of personal preference in terms of taste and texture.

Obviously when looking at ingredients, some will definitely trump the others!

And then comes the price tag, some will defo appeal more than others.

It is always worth asking companies if they sell sample sizes before you shell out the full amount or even go halves with a friend so that you can try a range of proteins.

I have put together this table of the protein powders I have tried and I have ranked them from top to bottom of my faves.

In terms of what I personally like: sweet and exciting flavours (but not over sweet, a thinner texture, good ingredients.

In terms of what I don’t like: scratchy feeling, nasty sweeteners, chemical tasting, thick texture.

IMG_7995 (1)IMG_7996IMG_7997

If you would like any more info on the powders I have tried or where is best to buy them then feel free to send me a message πŸ˜€

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