Crumpets and Coffee Lounge 💖

I have backed @crumpetscoffee ever since they launched their business 4 years ago and I even became their first ever brand ambassador!


If you still haven’t heard of Crumpets and Coffee, one can follow them on Instagram @crumpetscoffee and their website is :

I love their flavoured coffees and would definitely recommend Toffee Deluxe, Rich Chocolate and Chocolate Hazlenut as my top three ❤️

I was overjoyed to find out that @crumpetscoffee have recently opened a swanky new coffee lounge in Worcester!


If you are familiar with Worcester the location is close to the bus station and the markets, if not I will post all the details below!


Unfortunatly myself and my Vegan bestie @laurenlsj were due to go to the Birmingham Vegan Christmas fair but as I was feeling a little under the weather we took a trip to Worcester to exchange our Chrimbo presents and lucky for us that meant we got to try out the new Coffee Lounge too!


Here is my review, yes I may be heavily biased but you won’t be disappointed if you visit and help support an independant coffee shop 💙

First Impressions:

Location is great and easy to find, perfect if you need a break from shopping! If you are familiar with the @crumpetscoffee brand you will spot the logo straight away! The coffee lounge looks modern and fresh and invites you to come in!



The best thing about @crumpetscoffee is obviously the amazing coffee! I love my coffee but I am not a coffee snob, I will pretty much drink it from anywhere but the coffee here (and on the website) is the best you will taste, really flavoursome and rich! I drank mine so quick I actually felt drunk on coffee and high on life! I opted for a Vegan Gingerbread Soya Latte 🙂 and felt like a professional #CoffeeSlurper


The menu is simple and doesn’t bamboozle you with options yet there is enough to suit everybody!


Don’t panic, if you don’t like coffee there are plenty of cold drinks and tea available too!


Both myself and @laurenlsj are Vegan so we were delighted to see there were options for us from crisps to snack bars and protein balls! I know in the future the lounge are working on some Vegan toppings for crumpets too so watch this space!


For non vegans there are plenty of cakes and of course crumpets too!



Very reasonable 🙂 As you can see from the coffee list above, you can get a decent coffee without breaking the bank!



The Coffee Lounge is very clean and fresh looking which really makes it stand out. It looks sharp and professional yet it is welcoming and invites you in.


There is music playing quietly in the background and the lounge gives off a great vibe!

I would recommend coming to the lounge for a catch up with friends, just like myself and @laurenlsj. For a pitstop to rest your legs whilst shopping. To get some work done in a less busy environment or just to relax and enjoy a fantastic cup of coffee!


Customer Service:

Obviously I am biased here but I feel the customer service you will get at the Crumpets and Coffee Lounge will never be short of exceptional! Independant coffee shops always offer a more personalised and authentic service and I know you will be well looked after!



As mentioned above there are a good range of Vegan options and this will only grow with demand! Myself and @laurenlsj loved our Soya Lattes and we tried a Squirrel Sister bar for the first time which was amazing!


In case you are wondering there is WIFI available and Crumpets Coffee Lounge also have loyalty cards where you wil lbe rewarded with a free coffee!

The Lounge is open Monday to Saturday 8:30 – 5pm!